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May. 6th, 2010


Got your vote?

Spoiler Alert - Do not read if you are enraged by the stereotype that many young adults do not understand politics and are unaware of current affairs. This entry is based on exactly that. Apologies for the intense naivety.

What is today to you? Today in 1536, King Henry VIII ordered that every single church had to have a bible. Today in 1889, The Eiffel Tower was completed and opened to the public. Today in 1914, the British House of Lords rejects the women’s suffrage. Today in 1994, the channel tunnel between England and France was officially opened. Today in 2010, it is Election Day and by the end of tonight, England will have a new Prime Minister.

I’m old enough to vote. But being South African, I actually have no idea if I'm allowed to vote! I also have an EU passport via my mother, so I am an EU citizen. I am also officially considered a "UK student" for finance purposes at uni - I'm assuming I have residency here then? I actually have no idea and I never thought was of any importance. Regardless of what I intend to do with my life, where I intent to be and what I intend to be doing, I am living in this country NOW. Many people I know say they aren't going to vote as it "doesn't affect them", "won't be living in the UK when I'm older anyway" or simply "I dunno how to register". I realise I am at no position to say WELL HOW CARELESS YOU SHOULD VOTE when I haven't even checked if I’m allowed to. But still, in the aid of being hypercritical, they should have more interest, it affects everyone, you are living in the UK now and registering is easy!

Even worse than not knowing whether I'm allowed to vote, I do not know anything about the British parliamentary system. I couldn't tell you which parties are left wing and which are right. I have no idea who each leader stands for and what their policies are. (Look away now if you are adverse to common sense) I only clicked on to the fact that "tories" is an abbreviation for the conservatives recently. How's that for lack of common sense. I guess this is due to my extreme lack of interest in how the country where I live and get my (quality) education from is run.  Before moving here, I thought the queen ruled England and that the Great British flag was the same as the English flag. How's that for lack of education. As I'm getting older I do realise how much things I considered unimportant at around the age of 15 in fact have a very big impact in my future life.

I'm not one of those people who are scared and refuse to think about the future - in fact I thrive on planning and plotting my future life. I want to flourish and succeed. And now that there are talks of a certain party raising student fees and reducing the loan amounts, I realise how lucky I am to be at university now and not in five years time where there is the potential for this to happen (they haven't won, yet). I wouldn't even be at university if fees were double the price they are now and I had an even smaller loan. My parents just about support me now - hence my part time job. I don’t want to be aged 50 and still paying off student debt, living in a 1 bed apartment with my 3 children and husband because we can't afford anymore due to our debts. I want my children to live an open and adventurous life, I want to open the world to them and give them anything and everything I desire.

These are the three main parties and who stands for them today. One of them will be Prime Minister by 00:00am tonight.
Conservative - David Cameron
Labour  - Gordon Brown
Liberal Democrats - Nick Clegg

I guess you could call me a fair-weather friend to politics. Only when I hear of policies and ideas that have the potential to affect my life do I suddenly have interest. This is typical of a lot of people I know that ARE voting today. I know I should take more interest and I think I will, and I know I will know a lot more by the next election in four years time. Forgive me for saying this but Google has been my saviour, as has my various friends who have engaged in conversations about voting. Hearing their concerns and their thoughts has definitely opened my ears and mind to problems and concerned I hadn't previously thought of. It has also cleared up the whole "who leads which party and what they stand for" thing. I have been educated - trust me! How can I live in a country and not even know anything about how it's being led. I am embarrassed with myself.

Who says I'm going to have children anyway?

May. 5th, 2010


Two Months Later..

OOPS!so much for commitment..!Thing is,two months is a very long time but it's just flown past without warning!I didn't even realise.
Im forgiving myself(or are you meant to be forgiving me?dont get me started on this me/you/who?! thing).

In the last two months I have...

1) Gotten a job!So happy about this,even happier that I enjoy it and the people are really nice.
2) Finished all lectures for the year as well as handed in all work for the year.woop.
3) And attemped to start revision..attempted..errrr... :)
4) Organised a house to live in next year,including what TV we would like and what night will be movie night.as well as discussing the fridge of shame and the "asleep on the sofa=at your own risk" rules, we have also organised a BBQ and deckchairs..we move in in SEPTMEBER!aha
5) Spent stupid amounts of time googling travelling to America next summer...and then writing a list of everywhere in America I want to visit.
6) Spent stupid amounts of time googling autotrader and looking at cars to buy..and then looking at what all the technical terms and insurance things mean
7) Spent stupid amounts of time googling jobs in my degree area to see what is expected of me and where I need to be aiming.And how much I could get paid.
8) Made new friends :) to add to my current ones.
9) Watched series 1-6 of Greys Anatomy. Pure addiction - I have even been quoted when reading a news article "omgosh this is SO dramatic,  they reckon they did a double arm transplant on a farmer and he was able to use his new hands completely after a couple months.AS IF!"...my friend had to choke with laughter before reminding me that this story is real..and Greys Anatomy is a medical DRAMA.
10) My question got published as the writer's block of the day!I'm so so so impressed!Over 1033 answers last time I attempted to read some.I'm going to mention a coupe of my favourites that I've read with my thoughts after them.

"Daydreaming is certainly part of my daily life, and in this place I dream the most beautiful of dreams; attempts of eloquent words flying in and out of my head and whispers while I lay, basking in the afternoon sunlight.
The answer is my room."  - my room is a common answer but the intro to this sold it to me.lovely

"My mind. Perhaps because its the only place in the world i have ever experienced." - perhaps a little clinche but makes it all the better.

"the woods behind my house.the remind me of my dad." short and (not so?) sweet.Opens endless thoughts - draws the reader in. Whats wrong with her dad?Is there anything wrong?Why would she need to be reminded of her dad?

"I love sitting at a desk and writing until my hand cramps up.  I write about EVERYTHING!!!!" -  well I think livejournal is the place for you then!

"At Sea, sailing."  - freedom.

Interesting topic. Interesting enough for me to comment on, at any rate.

"The answer for this one is easy for me. Favorite place in the world is being with loved ones. The "where" doesn't matter. The "who" does." - I wonder if this was the person's first response?.If this wasn't their first resonse..then well done for trying to be clever and wholesome.If it was ,their friends and family are lucky to have someone who's automatic thoughts go to them.beautiful, I prefere the latter option personally!

I loved this question. It gave me chills reading some of the answers. My favourite places mean alot to me,each has their own personal meaning and thoughts. Having people comment back with their own feelings and thoughts, from the heart,from the brain or from their comedic side, it was nice. Really really really nice, so much so that I made my day. Thank you livejournal!

Greys Anatomy/Sleep/Gym in the morning tempts me to no.10 on my own personal list..x

Mar. 7th, 2010


My Favourite Places


Today my mom came to visit me at university and we took a day trip to MK to shop and have lunch. I'd never been to MK before as we don't live near it but had heard the shopping was really good. We were not disappointed! In fact, I was amazed at just how nice it was, I'm pretty sure the sun shining like it was summer helped! Plus a visit to Waitrose and John Lewis makes me as happy as when I used to work there (warning - severe attachment to the place. Indescribable but it really turned my life from upside down to right way up by giving me perspective). Anyway, MK just made me feel happy like those places you visit because they make you happy. Favourite places - MK has potential! So here's my list of favourite places. Not in numerical order, more in order of thoughts.

1) MK is first as it inspired this list. It deff has potential to remain in this list - further visits are needed/planned! Open and airy, it had an organised yet free feel (oxymoron or what). Not just shopping there either. There's an indoor ski slope, rock climbing, water sports and what looks like enough parks and walking paths to content even my mothers heart for running and country side walks. You just get a feeling there. Debatable whether its like this is other weather though. Pretty sure the rest of MK is a dump..?

2) London. My favourite city to date. The hustle and bustle, the impatience of the workers, the lost look of the tourists, the multicoloured tube maps, the traditional buildings versus the devastatingly modern building, I LOVE LONDON. greasy, cheap Chinese food, market squares, historic statues, walking down the south bank and museums are all in the "been there, done that ,lets go again" category. London needs no more praise, its an experience itself. If only to live in London...I am not even British and I'm damn proud of this city... <3

3) The Amalfi Coast, Italy. First time I went to Italy and I was blow away. Simply stunning. Hot hot hot too which I love. The locals were rely friendly and didn't mind when you slipped poorly pronounced Italian words into the conversation. Little market squares boasted the smell of freshly baked bread every morning and the abundance of authentic Italian food was enough to make me gain a lot of holiday weight! Winding roads down the cliff faces and beaches with clear waters and caves to snorkel to, don't forget to visit the cathedral.  Famous for art work as well as its lemons- deff try the lemon liqueur!

4) The Kruger National Park, South Africa. Born and raised a true South African girl, till the age of 11 anyway, I love the Kruger Park. Going on "safari" as its called in England, more like "bundu bashing" in South Africa! Driving all day in car, desperate to spot anything before anyone does, looking out for the big five and anything that looks interesting. Arriving back at camp before nightfall and setting up the tent (if we were lucky, we'd be treated to a couple nights in a villa). Walking around the camp at night for the thrill of the animal night noises, jumping when a frog jumps in your pathway. I meet one of my best friends here at age 6 and her family is pretty much my family. There is nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn to discover a kill has been spotted or a lone leopard is wondering around. Jump in the car and zoom off as fast as the park speed limit allows in order to be first ones there, binocs in hand! Pure African love <3

5) Barcelona, Spain. Again, hot hot hot! One of the authentic places I've ever been, the culture lives in the pavement and vibrates through the soles of your feet. Meander down its many streets, shaded by big trees or bounce around the market squares, picking up niknaks. The tourist scene is just that - picturesque scene after scene. Fabulous! We went to a bull fight and I'm not sure what made my temperature rise more, the hot weather or the hot matadors. They can wag their red capes at me any time! The cable car ride was amazing, as were the views from the top of the gardens. Worth enduring the thousands of people adding to the already 30 degree heat!

6) Cyprus. Aiya Napa. Went there on my first holiday without my parents. My friend happened to own an apartment out there so I only had to pay for flights. The town we stayed in was far enough from the tourist areas that people still spoke the native language but close enough for a 15 min bus/taxi ride. Spent all day everyday on the beach or in front of the pool, gaining the mother of all tans (sunscreen was used and no skin was harmed in the making of this blog) whilst reading and rereading the Twilight series! We had fun mastering the water dispenser - you can’t drink the tap water there - and found the nicest little cafe that did a full English breakfast for 3 Euros. YUM. The whole holiday, sun and all, was YUM. oh and almost forgot the water park! The wave pool was insane!

7) Cape Town, South Africa. Another one of my childhood holiday destinations, I've come to appreciate it even more on recent trips back to my native land. Devils Peak, Boulders Beach, the Waterfront and cable cars up Table Mountain all spring to mind. As well as running on the beaches, spotting whales, enjoying lekker fish and chips and seeing memorials dedicated to shark attack victims. Obviously I'm bias to the country as a whole but Cape Town makes me happy. Happy as a penguin on Boulders Beach. :)
Ps: The penguins DO bite!

8) Where I live now, in England. I won't say the towns name due to privacy but really, it’s my home. Lived there since I moved to England almost 8 years ago and I've settled in pretty much very well. Disliked senior school but LOVED 6th form, high street, shopping, hanging out in the parks in the summer, WAITROSE, pik'n'mix at woolies, it pretty much made my growing up through the teenage years brilliant. Plus all my (non uni) friends live there, what more could I want? Plus my fam a lam and kitty kat :) 

 (enter picture here -pretend you can see)   (enter picture here -pretend you can see) 

9) University. All of it. The halls where I currently live, the house in which I will live in next year, the lecture halls, the library, the gym (personal fave ;) ), the buses, the town. It was everything I was expected yet so so different. Who'd would've thought?! Refer to previous blog - Ten Best Things about University - for further explanation. Again, no names or pictures purely due to privacy. 

10) As if you didn't see this one coming. I'm a student. I'm a teenager.

MY BED <3 




Writer's Block: Best book ever!

Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. There are stains of chocolate ice cream and crumbs from the numerous amounts of crackers that have been eaten over this book. It has been read countless time yet I still discover new things!Sometimes I wonder if i honestly just skipped a page and never realised till now.  One of five books that deserve a space on my shelf at university- the rest stay at home!

Mar. 6th, 2010


Ten Best Things About University

The ten best things about University..

1) It feels like you're on one big holiday.which by the way you aren't!No parents, no curfew, no real rules, no worries!  Honestly, with 15 hours of lectures a week, student nights pretty much every night, your own flat and your own life, it's like one massive holiday!For the first year anyway!The first month was like living at Centre Parcs - no reason to leave the fences of the campus!Till you discover the Town anyway.

2) The amount of people you meet. From the North, South, Scotland, Italy, South Africa, Canada, everywhere. Plus this means there are some pretty hot/funny accents around. The whole "I love meeting new people" lie that you wrote on a CV will most likely become true - if anything, just because you like to take the piss outta their accent or the different words they have for your normal ones. Daps=Plimsoles.

3) It's fun to go food shopping (do not confuse this with clothes shopping, which is no longer fun due to no money). You can get a trolley, push it without someone guiding it, buy as many packets of crisps as you want and not feel guilty for bypassing the fruit&veg section completely. Plus its fun to play "who can buy the best meal for a pound". 16p beans taste like cardboard FYI.

4) You do not have to go to lectures if you don't want to. Ok, you do really but if you know your lecture doesn't have a register and there are another 149 people on the course, you won't be missed. You can stay in bed for another hour and go to your other lectures without someone hassling you. Unless you have a very annoying/trying to do whats best for you friend knocking on your door at 8:55am. Depends which way you look at it.

5) Its acceptable to eat pretty much anything. McDonalds for breakfast, chocolate for lunch, cereal for midnight snack, dirty kebab in the taxi on the way home. The last week before christmas holidays people will start creating feasts such as beans on crackers with left over cheese, or coldslaw with garlic bread and couscous. Even though things are in tins or can last frozen for 9 months, you will feel that EVERYTHING must be eaten before going home to avoiding "wasting food". food is precious.

6) You will actually enjoy spending time with your family. Eventually you will miss home and seeing your family after that point is like being reunited with a long lost friend. Plus, having a three course meal and your washing done for you for free is bliss.

7) If you live in halls, you will never be lonely. Not only will you share a flat with 6-10 people, there will be another 300 of these flats with 6-10 people. Thats averaging between 1800-3000 people. Are you telling me they are all going to go home the same weekend or all doing their essay on the same night? Trust me, you will never be lonely. Knocking on next doors to borrow some milk is standard, inviting the surrounding flats round for drinks is custom. (privacy is only a locked door away though!)

8) Birthdays are fun again, even if it is depressing leaving your teens and becoming the old age of twenty.  Filling a flatmates bedroom with so many balloons they can't even reach the bed and finding candles that sing with sparklers in the pound shop are highlights. So is dressing up in anything from pirates to farm animals to cave men.  Pinatas, metre long straws, streamers, facepaint and the "I have never" game are all a must too.

9) Everyone lives so close together in the first year. And in the second and third years you live with who you chose. Therefor all 3 years, spur of the moment plans are regular occurrences and usually the best days/nights. Random night out you planned in a lecture with the people from your course or a DVD and face pack night in with the girls from the flat next door because the boys are all playing xbox tend to be the best nights. Popping back to your friends flat for a quick lunch or back to someones house for a gathering after handing in an assignment are perfect breaks in the day. 

10) It an experience you'll never forget. Do it. Take the jump. No regrets, University is worth the hassle and the years of debt. You'll be so glad you went, you won't know the meaning of debt - its money well spent. Once in a life time experience, meet your friends for life, gain your independence and take that next step towards growing up. Don't forget your degree will help you get a better job, thats why you're there in the first place! 

student life = the life


Hey :)

Last night, whilst trying to force myself to go to sleep - which by the way you think would work by now,I've had 19 years worth of learning how to make myself sleepy - I decided it was a good idea to get up and dance for a bit, since I was listening to my mp3 player. I hear you say "dancing does not equal sleeping surely?"  but it gets out some of the energy. I love it when you hear a song and you have to resist the urge to get up and just dance. especially in public. So up I got in the dark and started "shaking my thang". Eyes closed, bilssfully unware that when I opened them, my eyes would be desenizatised to the light and I would see this white bright shadow type thing by my door. I DO NOT believe in ghosts but this pretty much scared the hell out of me! 

I flicked my lights on, turned off the music and stood, staring, in shock, around my room. Then I jumped into my bed like a little child and cowered under my covers.  I really do not believe in ghosts but I have good reason to be scared. I hope this does not scare anyone off going to university and staying halls. Last year, a girl died in my flat. I do not know the details as I obviously wasn't at Uni yet and I do not want to ask about such a sensitive subject, but I know it was in the room next to me and they had no idea anything was wrong till the next morning. Her flat had gone out without her when she pleaded ill. The next morning she wasn't in her first lecture. I do not know any other details but it still chills my flat and I to our spines. We do not joke about ghosts or anything like that out of respect. Her poor parents.

It took me awhile to sleep after that. I'd never thought about her much before now. I hope I or anyone I know ever such to experience such a terrible thing. I still do not believe in ghosts. Interesting.

Something I have learnt today - I am capable of sleeping till 1pm even after napping for two hours the previous day. Useful?NO. I have also learnt that my flatmate went to macdonalds last night and thinks its a good idea to leave the left overs in the fridge -it stinks!

Perhaps its time to do some work...NAHHH!no seriouslly I will though.Just some notes.Saturday is not a day of work!

What day is though? :)

hello rambler :)

Hi :)

I'm not sure who I'm writing this for. Perhaps I'll discover along the way. All I can say is welcome new friend! 

This is to let my frustration out. My happiness out. My enjoyment and disappointments with life. With life so far.

At the moment I'm in my room at University, hair up and joggers, living the student life of laziness! Could have gone out tonight to the SU but it's high school musical VERSUS glee night and honestly, I'd rather stay in bed and miss the whole weekend than go to that! Cringe!And now I've just had to delete two sentences as I'm starting to write this as if someone is going to read this and judge me on my dislike of the theme of tonight.  I realised I was writing them in order to not annoy anyone - talk about the unconscious mind taking over and trying to please people. Freud-whats that all about?!

I wonder if it's true that we learn something new every day. We probably learn something new but what about something worth while?I think every entry is going to start or end in what the new thing was I learnt that day. Lets see if it works. Today I learnt that John from my group in module1004 wears two hearing aids- those see through ones that you can barely see. I also learnt that you need to use labels when defining variables on spss and that is only for independent measures. Any of those worth while? I suppose so!

And I have learnt from previous days that I need more than a couple hours sleep!Time for bed in order to catch up on sleep (that I missed on Wednesday,does it really take this long to catch up?!) and MUST go to the gym tomorrow at 10am. 10am purely because I do not want to be seen walking across campus hot and sweaty and looking like I've been caught in a wet but hot freak storm when I'm actually reaaaaally sweaty from being on the running machine and then cross trainer for 20 mins each. I'm not physically fit, I do not mean 20 mins continuously. haha. I shouldn't laugh at myself, I am getting there!

Note to self: Stop rambling to yourself.